RC Model Airplanes - Great Hobby

For having a better understanding over model RC airplanes firstly we have to consider the history of RC model airplanes that how they exactly initiated and there progress over last years as well. This particular technology that is declared as RC (Radio Controlled) has been in use since year 1893.

This was firstly used at the time when Nikola Tesla developed a boat that was basically controlled by transmitted radio waves, later in year 1917 these radio waves planes became much more popular and people start working on it as well not just using these waves in planes the people of Germany used this in there weapons at the time of second world war. The first flight of RC model airplane was taken place at year 1917 and then by the end of 1928 a magazine named as “Model Airplane News" also start publishing the facts and details regarding model RC planes so that will assist in giving better and deep understanding over model RC airplanes, this particular magazine is still liked by people and it covers all the details of radio control hobbyists.

These RC models became so much famous among all people around the world that in year 1913 the Detroit News and the Detroit Department of Recreation and Parks held a contest of forming RC model airplanes, in this contest hundreds of people participated and present there best models as well.

After some span of time these models reform there looks and styles at the year 1950 as the developers know the fact that people always like changes so they reform there models in sense of style and technology as well, but the greatest and noticeable change occur in 1970 when developers work on there specification. By these changes interest in model airplanes are much more increased.

These particular model RC airplanes are as similar as real thing as there flying hobby quality remote control planes as well as helicopters is based o very simple technique. Basically flying RC is not a tough thing the only thing that must be considered is where one has the skills to fly these planes.

Numerous models of RC airplanes have been discovered and being used by people around the world, among them some of the models are defined below:-

• Nieuport XI EP ARF: - This model of RC plane has the functionality of scale that this model is designed in a way that it offers the most scale look as compare to any ElectriFly WWI, besides this it also has the least assembly time ever.
• ElectriFly WWI: - This model of RC plane has the advantage of hybrid that parts plane.
• FlyLite EP Slow Flyer ARF:- This particular model of RC plane has the functionality that it can be fly indoor as well as outdoor that really assist people in there flying.
• Shoestring GP/EP ARF: - This model has the advantage of mid-size and performance over others model of RC planes.
• Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26M BNF: - This particular model is a recent addition in RC planes and it is the smallest model airplane as well. Its developer Mike Gantt declares it as the smallest and micro-size aerobatic superstar that can be used in door as well as outdoor.
• Other considerable models of RC planes are Shoestring GP/EP ARF, PT-19 EP ARF, Sequence F3A 50" EP ARF, Revolver 61 ARF and numerous more.

The developers of RC model airplanes also considered prices of these planes and developed some presents some cheap models of RC planes as well. These models includes:-
• Blade runner full function RC Helicopter: - This particular model is designed for indoor, so the one who want to buy a indoor RC plane at a very low cost so here you go, besides its prices the best thing of this model is that it have all the latest technology in it like batteries, LiPo, charger and radio-control transmitter as well and they are also fully assembled and ready to use as well.
• Megatech Helichopper: - This is another cheap model of RC planes that help beginners in there flying and has a self-stabilizing GyroHelix rotor design.
• Similarly there are many other RC models that can be buy at a low price is perfect for getting your kids started in the hobby, in addition with this these RC models are also durable and reliable as well.

Recently in year 2008 the world’s biggest radio controlled airplane contest was held in Lakeland, Florida where the developers celebrated the 20th anniversary of the competitions and demonstrate their upcoming of RC model airplanes as well. Numerous participants came here from all around the world and this particular competition last about for five days as well. Similarly this year in August 2009 IRCHA Jamboree was held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics National Flying Site in Muncie, IN where the best competitors faces each other and present the best models developed by them.

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  1. For me this is not hobby only, this is something that I would like to say as my passion! Flying is one nice thing for me.