RC Airplanes Engine Types and Working

Still confused about of RC airplane engines? Don’t worry because each airplanes engine has unique characteristics with are identifiable. But before buying any remote controlled airplane you should have a full understanding of how its engine is operated because your actions might harm the engine of the airplane which is very fragile due to indistinguishable factors.

Radio remote controlled airplanes have a unique engine with its glow feature. It consists of methanol, alcohol and nitro methane. These gases and fuel used should be properly used otherwise there are chances of airplane collapsing. They should be bought from good store which sells genuine gases, fuels and chemicals. Steps should also be taken in order to keep the fuel good because not changing the fuel may cause the engine to get dry. There are wide chances that your fuel may bad because the more than quarter proportion of the engine consists of methanol that is actually another form of alcohol. This chemical attracts moisture to the engine when contaminated with water, results in poor performance and slow speed of the rc airplane engine. The unused fuel of the engine should always be stored in a metal-can so it doesn’t get rotten. The engine needs needle settings to get operated properly. You should fully be aware of such issues of rc airplane engines. First you need to test fly the airplane in order to assure that the engine gets warm up for faster speed like a human beings gets warmed up before a marathon. Remote control airplane engines need a great deal of running. If the engines are not used for few days they start to lose their flying strength.

If you are using an electric remote control airplane then its engine is totally different because it uses electric motor. You need to decide which type of engine do you require for the airplane? Like 25 or 40 these numbers refer to size of the engine motor. The bigger the size the more batteries it require. Although the real size is in hundredths of cubic centimeters. As the number of engine increases the speed accordingly increases that is the bigger engine means more speed. Sports rc planes need an average size of displacement engine while the other rc airplanes require a bigger size. The average engine of an electric plane requires an average of 8 “AA” batteries. These engines have a built in glow plugs. The simple electronic plane uses two stroke ignition systems. The operation of this type of engine is easier and more compatible. Engines with glow feature do not require on board battery which gives it a unique feature. Remote controlled airplanes also require carburetor which is very easy to use as compared to other features. Carburetor consists of air flow in it which makes air flow easier. There is also needle flow to control the shifting of the buttons. At the end there is rotating barrel which allows easy access to open or close the rc engine. Genuine battery usage is an important factor because if bad quality batteries are used it may lead to spoil the engine and making it out of date.

In the condition of using gas rc airplanes you need to choose between two strokes and four strokes of rc engines. The four stokes engines are much faster and need little adjustment; if instructions are learned once then it is no difficult to handle such engines. Two stroke engines are better for people who are beginners in the rc hobby and have little information on how to operate such engines. They require less maintenance than the four stroke engines but their speed is also slower than the others. RC Gas engines are fragile and if struck by hard object can lead to emission of gasses which will lead to crashing of the plane. These plane engines require weekly checking of their gases and require a pump to fill ethanol or natural gas. The pump is sometimes included with the plane otherwise it should be bought according to the size of the engine as pump varies according to the size of the engine.

Reviewing the above features of three different types of engines each engine has advantages and disadvantages and should be reviewed like which engine is faster and which is more efficient. Kids don’t want to fly such rc airplanes which require high maintenance and they easily get tired of such things. Therefore by just seeing picture of the plane they should not buy the rc airplane. They should learn about each radio controlled airplane’s feature and then decide which plane to buy. The higher the maintenance of the engine the more costly it is. Like in radio remote controlled airplane it requires wide range of chemicals, similarly, gas operated remote controlled airplane requires different gases usage which can eventually lead to the leakage if not taken care of and electronic or electric rc airplane requires good care of batteries that they do not get moisture in them. Thus, having a look at features of each rc airplane engine you should decide which airplane to buy. Once airplane is bought then instructions should be read carefully and then operate the engine according to those instructions. Adhering to the above and you will have no problem regarding the rc airplane engines.


  1. This post has brought light to my understanding the RC Airplane Engine. Really, thanks a lot.

  2. its wrong i left my wot 4 for 3 months and it was able to have a vertical takeoff on teastflight.

  3. This post has brought light to my understanding the RC Airplane Engine. Really, thanks a lot.

  4. This post has brought light to my understanding the RC Airplane Engine. Really, thanks a lot.

  5. Thanks a lot . Sir can you suggest me any motor for my rc plane (2 feet long and 1.25 kg)