RC Model Airplanes - Great Hobby

For having a better understanding over model RC airplanes firstly we have to consider the history of RC model airplanes that how they exactly initiated and there progress over last years as well. This particular technology that is declared as RC (Radio Controlled) has been in use since year 1893.

This was firstly used at the time when Nikola Tesla developed a boat that was basically controlled by transmitted radio waves, later in year 1917 these radio waves planes became much more popular and people start working on it as well not just using these waves in planes the people of Germany used this in there weapons at the time of second world war. The first flight of RC model airplane was taken place at year 1917 and then by the end of 1928 a magazine named as “Model Airplane News" also start publishing the facts and details regarding model RC planes so that will assist in giving better and deep understanding over model RC airplanes, this particular magazine is still liked by people and it covers all the details of radio control hobbyists.

These RC models became so much famous among all people around the world that in year 1913 the Detroit News and the Detroit Department of Recreation and Parks held a contest of forming RC model airplanes, in this contest hundreds of people participated and present there best models as well.

After some span of time these models reform there looks and styles at the year 1950 as the developers know the fact that people always like changes so they reform there models in sense of style and technology as well, but the greatest and noticeable change occur in 1970 when developers work on there specification. By these changes interest in model airplanes are much more increased.

These particular model RC airplanes are as similar as real thing as there flying hobby quality remote control planes as well as helicopters is based o very simple technique. Basically flying RC is not a tough thing the only thing that must be considered is where one has the skills to fly these planes.

Numerous models of RC airplanes have been discovered and being used by people around the world, among them some of the models are defined below:-

• Nieuport XI EP ARF: - This model of RC plane has the functionality of scale that this model is designed in a way that it offers the most scale look as compare to any ElectriFly WWI, besides this it also has the least assembly time ever.
• ElectriFly WWI: - This model of RC plane has the advantage of hybrid that parts plane.
• FlyLite EP Slow Flyer ARF:- This particular model of RC plane has the functionality that it can be fly indoor as well as outdoor that really assist people in there flying.
• Shoestring GP/EP ARF: - This model has the advantage of mid-size and performance over others model of RC planes.
• Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26M BNF: - This particular model is a recent addition in RC planes and it is the smallest model airplane as well. Its developer Mike Gantt declares it as the smallest and micro-size aerobatic superstar that can be used in door as well as outdoor.
• Other considerable models of RC planes are Shoestring GP/EP ARF, PT-19 EP ARF, Sequence F3A 50" EP ARF, Revolver 61 ARF and numerous more.

The developers of RC model airplanes also considered prices of these planes and developed some presents some cheap models of RC planes as well. These models includes:-
• Blade runner full function RC Helicopter: - This particular model is designed for indoor, so the one who want to buy a indoor RC plane at a very low cost so here you go, besides its prices the best thing of this model is that it have all the latest technology in it like batteries, LiPo, charger and radio-control transmitter as well and they are also fully assembled and ready to use as well.
• Megatech Helichopper: - This is another cheap model of RC planes that help beginners in there flying and has a self-stabilizing GyroHelix rotor design.
• Similarly there are many other RC models that can be buy at a low price is perfect for getting your kids started in the hobby, in addition with this these RC models are also durable and reliable as well.

Recently in year 2008 the world’s biggest radio controlled airplane contest was held in Lakeland, Florida where the developers celebrated the 20th anniversary of the competitions and demonstrate their upcoming of RC model airplanes as well. Numerous participants came here from all around the world and this particular competition last about for five days as well. Similarly this year in August 2009 IRCHA Jamboree was held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics National Flying Site in Muncie, IN where the best competitors faces each other and present the best models developed by them.


Electric RC Airplanes-Fast and Tidy

This particular term electric RC airplane means Radio controlled airplanes; those are propelled by electric means. Nowadays these planes are very much popular as it is has all the latest technologies and features in it and people are taking much more interest in building and flying RC airplanes. Besides technology Radio controlled airplanes are a unique and fun hobby enjoyed by every age group around the world. These RC planes are very simple and provide easy way to learn flying, in addition with this they are very much affordable and a fun way of getting starts flying.

RC planes are much better than fuel planes and have numerous positive points to be chosen like if we compare the prices then the fact that we will come to know is that in numerous cases electric power is cheaper and much more affordable than a fuel system and the best part is there in no difference in their motors, similarly if we compare their reliability then electric RC airplanes are much more reliable and safer as they use motors and propellers which do not inflict as much damage in the event of an accident as compare to the fuel airplanes.

In addition with above mentioned benefits simplicity is another point that will push one to use electric RC airplanes as its best way for a beginners to start there flying as they are much more durable than fuel planes. RC airplanes also provide the facility that they can be used in indoor system but this case in not possible for fuel models.
Furthermore it is also notified that Electric RC airplanes have 3D formation and have the advantage that they are not as much noisy and dangerous than fuel system that is why more people are coming towards Electric RC airplanes and they are very much in nowadays.

These planes has numerous approaches while comparing with radio and motor system Some electric RC planes has two channel radio system, while if we came to more advanced Electric RC planes then they use three channel radio, letting the pilot control the altitude, yaw, and pitch of the aircraft as well.

Motor is the main and most essential component of RC plane that used to spin the propeller and generate airflow over the wings, which results in lifting and allowing the airplane to fly easily. Similarly the battery of this plane has the functionality to provide power to the plane as well to the radio system; two distinct types of batteries Lithium polymer batteries and nickel metal hydride battery are used in this. In addition with this Radio system that works in order to control electric RC planes in another important part of RC planes.

There are numerous types’ f electric RC airplanes that are available and used in this era due to their benefit over fuel system planes. Due to the fact that it’s a latest technology they are much more liked by people as well. Some Ready to Fly electric RC airplanes are:-

• Firebird Freedom, this RC airplane is form HobyZone, and this particular plane has a distinct quality that its pod-and-boom designed is quite different form others and it’s very much popular among the beginners.
• J3 Cub this RC plane is very much preferred and used by people due to the fact that it has stability to fly straight that helps beginners in there flying.
• ME Bf109G , Ambassador, Apprentice 15e and Super Decathlon are some of the preferred and most prominent electric RC airplanes.

Due to the fact that there are numerous variety present in electric RC airplanes we have to choose them with some consideration like the fact that we came to know that these planes are basically designed for beginners and much cheaper and accessible than fuel planes but besides with these points we have to kept in mind few things like if the plane is designed in a manner that it has high wings then it’s the best in case of stability in air. Similarly before going buy any plane make it sure that it is durable and in case if you face some problem in its part so there spare part will be available and easy to access in such case.

Furthermore things that should also be considered before choosing a plane is its size, as size really matters like if plane is very much undersize then its cause hurdles while flying similarly if planes are much more in size then it’s a failure because then in such case its not easy to fly. While choosing electric RC airplanes it should be kept in mind that RC airplanes with brushless motor and lipo battery pack will have much more advantage in terms of power and longer flight time.

After knowing the above mentioned facts, it can be declared easily that Flying RC airplanes will be a great fun but one should be very much careful and considered dc all points while choosing any RC planes, once you choose the right electric RC airplanes then just enjoy your flying time as it’s best and easily accessible for beginners.


Foam RC Airplanes- Light and Easy

The RC Airplane Goes Up, Up, and Away…
For flying aficionados, who are hooked to radio control airplanes, there are a number of options available that enable them to satiate their passion to reach for the skies. RC airplanes come in all shapes and sizes, and can be flown in a space as limited as one’s backyard or as vast as an open field. Their monetary value differs as well, depending on the technology used within the model. For those who have just hopped onto the fliers’ bandwagon, foam RC planes are the best option. Here we illumine the positive aspects of using the foam RC planes, the different kinds of foams used and how the rc airplane’s performance can be enhanced by making it more lightweight.

The Benefits of Foam RC airplane
Foam RC airplanes are a popular choice of the first-time fliers. Their benefits are wide and varied. They are inexpensive, robust, light-weight and can be easily repaired. The foam used for these planes is easily available in the market and does not burn a hole in the pocket. It is water-proof, strong and flexible to a certain extent. The durability of foam makes the plane crash proof as well. Hence it survives rough landings that make learning to fly radio control airplanes fun and productive.

Foam planes can be made at home as well. If you are building a foam RC airplane yourself, it is easy to find identical sheet or block of foam for different parts. It is easy to work with and can be cut and shaped manually using simple and cheap tools. In order to make the plane more attractive, colored foam is also available.

Some of the most popular foam RC airplanes are gliders, powered rc gliders, single and multi-motor rc model airplanes. The usage of foam makes them lightweight and enhances their flight performance. The best part of using these planes is that they can be very easily repaired. By using glue or tape one can fix a damaged plane and make it all set for soaring high again. Hence if you are geared up for some real flying action, your day will not be spoiled if the plane gets damaged. Fix it there and then and get going once again.

The Different Kinds of Foam
In order to get the best foam plane for yourself, it is imperative that you are well-aware of the types of foams used to make the rc model aircraft. Different types of foam and propulsion systems are used for a plane. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a type of foam that is lightweight and can be easily molded. Once can use water-based paints on it as well. The downside is that it can easily break and is not suitable for rc model airplanes.

Depron, on the other hand, is comparatively stronger with a smoother surface. Though it is fragile as well, it is capable of giving high performance and is not as easily breakable as EPS.

Then in foams, there are various variants of EPP that are perfect for using in foam RC airplanes. They are smooth, flexible and lightweight with high impact resistance. Hence they can handle a rough landing fairly well. Though they are the preferred choice, they have a downside too. They are a bit expensive and you cannot paint on them easily. But being the best available in the market, they top the priority list of foam rc model airplane fliers. If you install a high power propulsion system on these planes, they zoom up to the clear blue skies in a matter of seconds. After all, an airplane is all about speed.

Making a Lightweight Model
If you are planning to build a foam RC airplane in the comfort of your home, you can boost its performance manifold by reducing its weight. The lighter it is, the better. In order to achieve this it is imperative that you choose the right glue and apply it sparingly. It is better to use foam safe CA glue whose single tiny drop is enough to secure a part properly. It is used in lesser quantity and secures fast.

Next choose a radio system whose components are not heavy. One can easily get servos with weights between 4.7 and 7.8 grams. Further weight can be reduced by removing the bottom portion of the servo case and the plastic receiver. Simply unscrew and remove it.
If you know how to solder, you can also join the servo wires directly to the receiver. This way you will not need the connectors, making the model even lighter.

The heaviest thing used in an foam RC airplane is the battery. In order to get the lightest model, you will have to browse the market for different brands. Go for a battery that is in sync with the size of your plane and allows you to fly as long as you desire.
Equipped with the knowledge of different kinds of foams, the benefits of a foam plane, and how to get the best out of the plane that you plan to make yourself, you can beat anyone at the flying game. Take out your shiny new foam rc airplane and go flying!

RC Airplane Kits - Construct the Plane

This term RC airplane kits means Remote Controlled airplane kits, these kits are the results of different unique ideas presented by the developers, such ideas really assist people in providing better understanding of RC airplanes as well as deep and sound knowledge of tools. These kits can be developed from scratch as well as from used components of planes as well depending upon the situation and idea of the developer.

RC airplane kits are normally designed and manufactured with different unique styles while considering the cost as well as the quality of the kit. The most highlighted points while forming the kit is how much time the developer is utilizing while forming the kit. Numerous designers produce models kits in their own style but the basic components that all typical rc airplane kit includes are color plates, custom hardware fittings, dummy engines, cowls and spinners, wood stock, laser cut parts, scale cockpits, wheels, machine guns and several more.
Modeling knives, pins and small clamps, modeler's vice and covering accessories various adhesives are used while forming RC airplane kits. In addition with these components a flat board is also needed as it is the essential part of kit as all the steps of construction a plane is jot down on this flat drawing board. Once the designer finalizes the components of RC airplane then they are covered in heat/ temperature sensitive plastic film, enveloped on with the help of iron which helps in melting the sticky adhesive coating that glues the balsa wood parts and the film. After this the developer finalizes the kit by providing heat through iron or heat gun to the film coating onto the model airplane.

Besides above mentioned things there are small material also that are constructed by designer with his own interest but the builder doesn’t add such individual construction materials in the RC airplane kits as they are basically not in need and also not up to the standard.


While buying airplane kits some majors’ things should be considered deeply and closely so that will help you in utilization of that particular kit. Basically this term RC airplane kit means Remote controlled airplanes kits that are very simple and easy to use as well. Initially if you are just starting to develop your interest in rc planes so for such beginners internet and Hobby shops are the best approachable reference for a any choice.

Beginners should go for the Basic Electric Model which is already assembled type of kit as these kits are fully comprise of RC Airplane set as well as Balsa Wood Plane components, in addition with this if you are a step forward to beginners then you should keep this thing in mind that you have to select such combo packs that contain all the parts of plane like wooden or paper and should also have things like Remote Control Unit, Battery Unit, Radio, Engine, and Assembly Accessory Pack as well.

It should also be noticed at the time of purchasing any kit that it have its complete manual that have the full step-by-step description of the particular RC airplane. Another main point that must be ensured is either the kit contains the complete Remote Control Set including the Joystick controls, Batteries, Radio and Antenna as well.

Similarly all the components should be checked before buying a kit, not only check but you should be familiar with the particular kit as well so that wont give you any hurdle while using the RC airplane kit. For best result select the most basic Model and also consider advice of your Friends and other Professional RC Airplane Flyers as well.

Numerous designers present their unique ideas and developed several RC airplane kits among them some of them are:

RTF (Ready to Fly) RC Airplane Kits: - These kits are one of the best sample of RC airplane kits as in this beginners get all the basic components are already assembled what they have to do is just assemble the rest of the components according to their desire and then use this particular kit, the finest thing of this kit is it is not time consuming as this will be ready to use in just one hour.

ARTF (Almost Ready to Fly) RC Airplane Kits:- This particular require little more time as compare to the above mention kit as in this developer designed the material but left the process of assembling the parts upon the users choice.

Balsa Kits: - These are another special type of kits that use a die-cut or laser cut to cut the components of the kit, it requires some different skills and styles as compare to the ARTF kits and RTF kits.

Some other prominent RC airplane kits are Micro Racers Kit - Yellow Jacket, MicroRacers Kit - P-51 Miss America, Komet Kit, MicroScout Kit - ARF and many more.

RC Airplane Trainer - The Step to Flying

Characteristics of the Best RC Airplane Trainer:
Flying radio control airplanes is a hobby enjoyed by many enthusiasts. For those new to flying, it is imperative to have a robust airplane that can survive crash and hard landings. Hence RC airplane trainers are a perfect choice. Their high wing design and plenty of dihedral gives them a lot of stability in the air, making it easy for the flier to get the machine soaring high with ample perfection.

All geared up to go flying? Before you buy an RC trainer airplane, there are a few things that you should look for in the model. There are gas and electric RC trainer airplanes available in the market. Whichever type you choose, in order to get the best out of your trainer airplane it is important to check its design. RC Trainer planes come in high wing, low wing and mid-wing designs. In the RC plane with a high wing design, the fuselage lies below the wings giving ample stability to the model. While flying, if you will turn the RC plane in any direction, it will level itself afterwards because of the heavy bottom.

On the contrary, RC trainer planes with low wing design are not as stable when airborne. Since their fuselage lies above the wings, due to weight on the top, the plane does not level itself when turned. With the weight at the top of the wings, the gravity constantly tries to turn the airplane upside down. Only a pro can defy the gravitational pull hence, this type of RC airplane trainer becomes a bit difficult for the novice to handle.

In the third type of RC airplane trainer design, the wings lie halfway between the top and bottom of the fuselage. Apart from stability, these planes allow maneuverability as well. Hence if you want to give an aerobatic performance, go for a mid-wing plane design.
Novices, who are still learning to fly, should go for the high wing design as it is more stable and ensure smooth flying experience.

While buying a RC airplane trainer, check its airfoil shape as well. You can get the idea of its shape when you look at the wings from their end. RC airplane trainers come in three airfoil shapes – symmetrical, semi-symmetrical and flat-bottomed. Flat- bottomed wings are apt for the beginners. The flat shape helps the rc airplane take flight and go higher even at a slow speed. This happens because the air on top of the wings travels further than the air under them making it easy to fly and handle such a plane.

Planes with symmetrical airfoil are more for the experts. Such a wing shape gives an equal amount of lift to the plane no matter in which position it is while flying. Hence those going for aerobatics should opt for such rc airplanes.
RC airplanes with a semi-symmetrical wing shape hold the advantages of both symmetrical and flat-bottomed wings.

Almost all rc trainer airplanes come with flat-bottomed wings. If the wings of the plane do not have this shape, it is not a trainer. Next, look at the wings from the front to check their ‘V’ angle. This is called the dihedral. The greater the dihedral of the rc airplane trainer, the more perfect a trainer it is. High dihedral increases the airplane’s stability when it is airborne and it levels itself naturally whenever turned. RC Airplanes with little or no dihedral are for expert fliers who want to perform aerobatics.

Once you have chosen the plane with the right wing shape and angle, look at its landing gear. RC Airplanes with a tricycle landing gear - two wheels beneath the wings and a nose wheel - are for the beginners. The three wheels help in holding the plane steady and steering on the ground. It also helps smooth take off making the plane perfect for the beginners.

The other kind of landing gear is called tail dragger. A plane with tail dragger has two wheels beneath the wing and a small wheel under the tail. This set-up makes it difficult to steer the plane on the ground.

The propeller of the airplane also plays an important role in flying. New to this hobby should go for a plane with three propellers. These help the rc plane take flight faster and help in a short easy take off by providing more thrust. The three-bladed propeller also helps in slowing down the rc airplane when the engine is idle. Furthermore, the short diameter of the blades makes landing, the most difficult aspect of first-time flying, far easier.

While going out to buy an RC airplane trainer, it is important to look for all these factors. Summing up, the perfect rc airplane trainer has a high-wing design and flat-bottomed wings. It has a tricycle landing gear and three propellers. Once you have the rc trainer of your choice, you can practice to become proficient and switch to more complex and sophisticated designs. Happy flying!


Beginner RC Airplanes-The First Step

Smooth Beginning for Flying RC Airplanes!

Off to get your very first RC airplane? The wide variety available in the market would boggle your mind especially if you are new to the flying club. There are all sorts of beginner RC planes ready to be sold, but some are a sheer waste of money. If you want to get the best bargain, you should have a fair idea of what the best RC airplane holds. Here we discuss the attributes that you should look for in your very first plane for a smooth and stable flight.

1. Beginners should go for the latest models of airplanes that are slow, easy to set up and fly. They do not require one to go to a flying field. You can even fly one in your backyard or your school field.

2. Your first plane should be electric powered. Do not go for planes that are powered by gas as they are a bit of a hassle. Plus, you have to buy the paraphernalia for a gas powered plane separately. Electric powered planes are all inclusive. All you need is to switch them on and you are ready for flying. They are low maintenance as well. Don’t forget to charge their battery between flights or keep a spare, fully charged battery handy to change whenever the one in use begins to die.

3. Go for a plane that has relatively fewer parts and can be easily repaired. The risk of damaging the plane increases if one is a novice. Keeping this very fact in mind, it is imperative that you go for foam or wood RC airplanes. Once damaged, they are repaired easily and are ready to take wings again in no time.

4. Choose a model whose parts are easily available in the market. Motors, batteries and speed control system gets damaged or worn out quite quickly. Choose a model whose parts can be easily replaced so that you don’t have to buy a new model every time.

5. Check the control set-up of the model you decide on buying. Novices only need to have primary control of the plane hence a two or three channel control is enough for them. If the control panel has two channels, the user can control the up/down and side to side movement. The third channel allows one to control the speed of the motor. Some advanced plane designs have four channels with the option for aileron control as well. This will be two much for a beginner. It is better to stick to simple flying.

6. It is important to get all the necessary equipment with the model you wish to buy. It may seem a bit expensive at that time, but in the long run it is actually the best bargain one can get. The kit should have a propeller, a motor, a battery pack, an ESC and a battery charger. This is what you may generally find in the box. But there are certain models that, apart from these accessories, also come with a radio system that includes the transmitter, a receiver, servos and a switch harness that will turn the radio on and off. Furthermore, see if the plane uses anti-crash technology. This is a sophisticated technology that uses sensors that detect when a plane is about to crash and stabilizes the flight. This gives the pilot time to react and control the plane. Most of the planes don’t have these sensors but if you can find one equipped with it, you will have a very good time flying your plane. It is better to buy the complete kit as it would make flying more pleasurable.

7. Beginners should go for ready-to-fly (RTF) models. They are slightly expensive but the upside is that one doesn’t have to do much to fly them except charge their battery. Some very latest RTF kits also have spare props and wings saving you the hassle of going to the shop time and again to buy broken parts. They are best for the newcomers in the field due to minimal maintenance and hassle.

There are also Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) models. They are slightly less expensive but one has to do some work to assemble the model. Beginners can also go for this type but it is highly recommended to use the RTF model.

8. Beginners should opt for planes that have the size-40, two-stroke engine. The size of the plane with such an engine is not big and it is very easy to handle.

Now that you are equipped with all the know-how regarding the attributes that beginners should look for in an flying beginners RC plane, it will be easier for you to get the model that suits your needs. Many attractive models might lure you into spending your money, but don’t lose focus and remember to select an RTF model with an electric engine, a simple control panel and a complete kit with all the accessories. All set to soar? Go full throttle and reach for the skies!