Foam RC Airplanes- Light and Easy

The RC Airplane Goes Up, Up, and Away…
For flying aficionados, who are hooked to radio control airplanes, there are a number of options available that enable them to satiate their passion to reach for the skies. RC airplanes come in all shapes and sizes, and can be flown in a space as limited as one’s backyard or as vast as an open field. Their monetary value differs as well, depending on the technology used within the model. For those who have just hopped onto the fliers’ bandwagon, foam RC planes are the best option. Here we illumine the positive aspects of using the foam RC planes, the different kinds of foams used and how the rc airplane’s performance can be enhanced by making it more lightweight.

The Benefits of Foam RC airplane
Foam RC airplanes are a popular choice of the first-time fliers. Their benefits are wide and varied. They are inexpensive, robust, light-weight and can be easily repaired. The foam used for these planes is easily available in the market and does not burn a hole in the pocket. It is water-proof, strong and flexible to a certain extent. The durability of foam makes the plane crash proof as well. Hence it survives rough landings that make learning to fly radio control airplanes fun and productive.

Foam planes can be made at home as well. If you are building a foam RC airplane yourself, it is easy to find identical sheet or block of foam for different parts. It is easy to work with and can be cut and shaped manually using simple and cheap tools. In order to make the plane more attractive, colored foam is also available.

Some of the most popular foam RC airplanes are gliders, powered rc gliders, single and multi-motor rc model airplanes. The usage of foam makes them lightweight and enhances their flight performance. The best part of using these planes is that they can be very easily repaired. By using glue or tape one can fix a damaged plane and make it all set for soaring high again. Hence if you are geared up for some real flying action, your day will not be spoiled if the plane gets damaged. Fix it there and then and get going once again.

The Different Kinds of Foam
In order to get the best foam plane for yourself, it is imperative that you are well-aware of the types of foams used to make the rc model aircraft. Different types of foam and propulsion systems are used for a plane. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a type of foam that is lightweight and can be easily molded. Once can use water-based paints on it as well. The downside is that it can easily break and is not suitable for rc model airplanes.

Depron, on the other hand, is comparatively stronger with a smoother surface. Though it is fragile as well, it is capable of giving high performance and is not as easily breakable as EPS.

Then in foams, there are various variants of EPP that are perfect for using in foam RC airplanes. They are smooth, flexible and lightweight with high impact resistance. Hence they can handle a rough landing fairly well. Though they are the preferred choice, they have a downside too. They are a bit expensive and you cannot paint on them easily. But being the best available in the market, they top the priority list of foam rc model airplane fliers. If you install a high power propulsion system on these planes, they zoom up to the clear blue skies in a matter of seconds. After all, an airplane is all about speed.

Making a Lightweight Model
If you are planning to build a foam RC airplane in the comfort of your home, you can boost its performance manifold by reducing its weight. The lighter it is, the better. In order to achieve this it is imperative that you choose the right glue and apply it sparingly. It is better to use foam safe CA glue whose single tiny drop is enough to secure a part properly. It is used in lesser quantity and secures fast.

Next choose a radio system whose components are not heavy. One can easily get servos with weights between 4.7 and 7.8 grams. Further weight can be reduced by removing the bottom portion of the servo case and the plastic receiver. Simply unscrew and remove it.
If you know how to solder, you can also join the servo wires directly to the receiver. This way you will not need the connectors, making the model even lighter.

The heaviest thing used in an foam RC airplane is the battery. In order to get the lightest model, you will have to browse the market for different brands. Go for a battery that is in sync with the size of your plane and allows you to fly as long as you desire.
Equipped with the knowledge of different kinds of foams, the benefits of a foam plane, and how to get the best out of the plane that you plan to make yourself, you can beat anyone at the flying game. Take out your shiny new foam rc airplane and go flying!

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