RC Airplane Trainer - The Step to Flying

Characteristics of the Best RC Airplane Trainer:
Flying radio control airplanes is a hobby enjoyed by many enthusiasts. For those new to flying, it is imperative to have a robust airplane that can survive crash and hard landings. Hence RC airplane trainers are a perfect choice. Their high wing design and plenty of dihedral gives them a lot of stability in the air, making it easy for the flier to get the machine soaring high with ample perfection.

All geared up to go flying? Before you buy an RC trainer airplane, there are a few things that you should look for in the model. There are gas and electric RC trainer airplanes available in the market. Whichever type you choose, in order to get the best out of your trainer airplane it is important to check its design. RC Trainer planes come in high wing, low wing and mid-wing designs. In the RC plane with a high wing design, the fuselage lies below the wings giving ample stability to the model. While flying, if you will turn the RC plane in any direction, it will level itself afterwards because of the heavy bottom.

On the contrary, RC trainer planes with low wing design are not as stable when airborne. Since their fuselage lies above the wings, due to weight on the top, the plane does not level itself when turned. With the weight at the top of the wings, the gravity constantly tries to turn the airplane upside down. Only a pro can defy the gravitational pull hence, this type of RC airplane trainer becomes a bit difficult for the novice to handle.

In the third type of RC airplane trainer design, the wings lie halfway between the top and bottom of the fuselage. Apart from stability, these planes allow maneuverability as well. Hence if you want to give an aerobatic performance, go for a mid-wing plane design.
Novices, who are still learning to fly, should go for the high wing design as it is more stable and ensure smooth flying experience.

While buying a RC airplane trainer, check its airfoil shape as well. You can get the idea of its shape when you look at the wings from their end. RC airplane trainers come in three airfoil shapes – symmetrical, semi-symmetrical and flat-bottomed. Flat- bottomed wings are apt for the beginners. The flat shape helps the rc airplane take flight and go higher even at a slow speed. This happens because the air on top of the wings travels further than the air under them making it easy to fly and handle such a plane.

Planes with symmetrical airfoil are more for the experts. Such a wing shape gives an equal amount of lift to the plane no matter in which position it is while flying. Hence those going for aerobatics should opt for such rc airplanes.
RC airplanes with a semi-symmetrical wing shape hold the advantages of both symmetrical and flat-bottomed wings.

Almost all rc trainer airplanes come with flat-bottomed wings. If the wings of the plane do not have this shape, it is not a trainer. Next, look at the wings from the front to check their ‘V’ angle. This is called the dihedral. The greater the dihedral of the rc airplane trainer, the more perfect a trainer it is. High dihedral increases the airplane’s stability when it is airborne and it levels itself naturally whenever turned. RC Airplanes with little or no dihedral are for expert fliers who want to perform aerobatics.

Once you have chosen the plane with the right wing shape and angle, look at its landing gear. RC Airplanes with a tricycle landing gear - two wheels beneath the wings and a nose wheel - are for the beginners. The three wheels help in holding the plane steady and steering on the ground. It also helps smooth take off making the plane perfect for the beginners.

The other kind of landing gear is called tail dragger. A plane with tail dragger has two wheels beneath the wing and a small wheel under the tail. This set-up makes it difficult to steer the plane on the ground.

The propeller of the airplane also plays an important role in flying. New to this hobby should go for a plane with three propellers. These help the rc plane take flight faster and help in a short easy take off by providing more thrust. The three-bladed propeller also helps in slowing down the rc airplane when the engine is idle. Furthermore, the short diameter of the blades makes landing, the most difficult aspect of first-time flying, far easier.

While going out to buy an RC airplane trainer, it is important to look for all these factors. Summing up, the perfect rc airplane trainer has a high-wing design and flat-bottomed wings. It has a tricycle landing gear and three propellers. Once you have the rc trainer of your choice, you can practice to become proficient and switch to more complex and sophisticated designs. Happy flying!

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