Beginner RC Airplanes-The First Step

Smooth Beginning for Flying RC Airplanes!

Off to get your very first RC airplane? The wide variety available in the market would boggle your mind especially if you are new to the flying club. There are all sorts of beginner RC planes ready to be sold, but some are a sheer waste of money. If you want to get the best bargain, you should have a fair idea of what the best RC airplane holds. Here we discuss the attributes that you should look for in your very first plane for a smooth and stable flight.

1. Beginners should go for the latest models of airplanes that are slow, easy to set up and fly. They do not require one to go to a flying field. You can even fly one in your backyard or your school field.

2. Your first plane should be electric powered. Do not go for planes that are powered by gas as they are a bit of a hassle. Plus, you have to buy the paraphernalia for a gas powered plane separately. Electric powered planes are all inclusive. All you need is to switch them on and you are ready for flying. They are low maintenance as well. Don’t forget to charge their battery between flights or keep a spare, fully charged battery handy to change whenever the one in use begins to die.

3. Go for a plane that has relatively fewer parts and can be easily repaired. The risk of damaging the plane increases if one is a novice. Keeping this very fact in mind, it is imperative that you go for foam or wood RC airplanes. Once damaged, they are repaired easily and are ready to take wings again in no time.

4. Choose a model whose parts are easily available in the market. Motors, batteries and speed control system gets damaged or worn out quite quickly. Choose a model whose parts can be easily replaced so that you don’t have to buy a new model every time.

5. Check the control set-up of the model you decide on buying. Novices only need to have primary control of the plane hence a two or three channel control is enough for them. If the control panel has two channels, the user can control the up/down and side to side movement. The third channel allows one to control the speed of the motor. Some advanced plane designs have four channels with the option for aileron control as well. This will be two much for a beginner. It is better to stick to simple flying.

6. It is important to get all the necessary equipment with the model you wish to buy. It may seem a bit expensive at that time, but in the long run it is actually the best bargain one can get. The kit should have a propeller, a motor, a battery pack, an ESC and a battery charger. This is what you may generally find in the box. But there are certain models that, apart from these accessories, also come with a radio system that includes the transmitter, a receiver, servos and a switch harness that will turn the radio on and off. Furthermore, see if the plane uses anti-crash technology. This is a sophisticated technology that uses sensors that detect when a plane is about to crash and stabilizes the flight. This gives the pilot time to react and control the plane. Most of the planes don’t have these sensors but if you can find one equipped with it, you will have a very good time flying your plane. It is better to buy the complete kit as it would make flying more pleasurable.

7. Beginners should go for ready-to-fly (RTF) models. They are slightly expensive but the upside is that one doesn’t have to do much to fly them except charge their battery. Some very latest RTF kits also have spare props and wings saving you the hassle of going to the shop time and again to buy broken parts. They are best for the newcomers in the field due to minimal maintenance and hassle.

There are also Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) models. They are slightly less expensive but one has to do some work to assemble the model. Beginners can also go for this type but it is highly recommended to use the RTF model.

8. Beginners should opt for planes that have the size-40, two-stroke engine. The size of the plane with such an engine is not big and it is very easy to handle.

Now that you are equipped with all the know-how regarding the attributes that beginners should look for in an flying beginners RC plane, it will be easier for you to get the model that suits your needs. Many attractive models might lure you into spending your money, but don’t lose focus and remember to select an RTF model with an electric engine, a simple control panel and a complete kit with all the accessories. All set to soar? Go full throttle and reach for the skies!

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