RC Air Planes

The flight model is a versatile hobby that fascinates many people. Control RC airplanes from the ground is a feeling you can describe it. The RC hobby airplane pilot is better than a real pilot has many advantages. Flying is not as expensive and also old age plays no role. Provided whether young, old, sick or healthy, a model airplane can actually use any, interest and fascination for flying. RC to control aircraft is absolutely no mystery, but must be learned and practiced.

For the theoretical knowledge that you need are books explain the basics of RC flight models. Thermals, the influence of wind and weather, etc. should be known. Furthermore, there are also books written about the various models of RC aircraft and their capabilities and use Awaken.

On the Internet there are help forums where one can experience from other pilots on individual models and model types read the RC aircraft. For beginners, but advanced model flyer, there are always times questions or problems where you need help. In the forums you can ask questions that others can respond with their experience and knowledge.

Here is a topic overview for you:

* What types of RC aircraft, even on the market?
* Which model aircraft type is for me to recommend as a beginner?
* What will this cost me, as a beginner in this hobby? (Acquisition and maintenance costs)
* What equipment do I need to get started and what it costs?
* Where can I fly my RC plane undisturbed?
* How can I improve my flying skills?
* RC airplanes manufacturers and their models
* Online Shops for RC airplanes and accessories?

What types of RC aircraft, even on the market?
The selection of RC (Radio Control for English) aircraft models that can be steered with a remote control is very large. There are gliders, engine planes, jets and helicopters.
The drive of the RC planes can be electric motors, made two-stroke or four stroke engines or Glühkerzenmotore. The choice of the motor also depends on the type of aircraft.
Two-stroke and four stroke engines are more efficient but also more expensive than electric motors. For electric motors must then still be installed with the battery pack, then what is again a question of space. Be a two-stroke engine requires maintenance and, where appropriate, adjusted and is louder than a maintenance-free electric motor.

Which type of RC model airplane is for me to recommend as a beginner?
The amateur pilot has the choice between pre-assembled ready RC airplanes and various kits. Kits contain all parts for the RC plane and a detailed instruction manual. The information items must be assembled, which may of course take some time. Depending on the available free time, the assembly of the RC aircraft ever take several months. Often, one needs also a special tool, if the parts included are not quite working exactly right.
Who does not want to wait that long can fall back on some of them already pre-RC aircraft ARTF (almost ready to fly) models are called. Many modules are already fully assembled, and the complete assembly of the model is faster.
For beginners, for the entry called RTF (ready to fly) aircraft models that are complete with remote control and to buy all the necessary accessories for an immediate start. Nothing has to be assembled.

What will this cost me, as a beginner in this hobby? (Purchase & maintenance)
RTF planes are starting to get about 200 €. In RC airplanes is: Depending on the equipment, the price is up always open.

What equipment do I need to get started and what it costs?
For an RC model airplane at least a 4 channel remote control is needed so that the rudder, elevator, rudder and speed control can be operated. For each function, a channel is required. A remote control for an RC airplane is mainly composed of the transmitter, which is housed in the remote control for the pilot. It is controlled by levers, which are similar to use as a joystick on a computer. The corresponding receiver and battery and the necessary servo motors, which perform the desired functions (such as the move of the rudder) must find a place in the RC plane. The more functions that have RC airplanes or should have, the more channels are required to identify the remote control.

Where can I get my RC planes can fly without problems?
In a big city is hardly any room for easy flying his plane to an RC.
There are model clubs, which often also maintain an airport for the models. There you will find a start and runway and enough space for flying the RC aircraft.
In a club you get as a beginner advice and assistance with problems that may occur. Possibly there are also exercises aircraft with which you can try to fly just once, before you buy a private airplane model.

How can I improve my flying skills?
Basically, of course, is practice makes perfect. Even a beginner can finally fly aircraft up to 60 kilometers per hour. The range of the remote control is to be observed (depending on the performance of the remote control to approximately 1.5 km) reserve the right to to the RC aircraft under control. Then the functions of the rudder to come - because it can quickly lead to errors in the beginning, the crash with damage to the RC airplane can lead to.
Found to avoid the worst mistakes beginners teach beginners in many model flying club instructor, the one that can fly. For the instructor, there are special remote controls, via a cable to a "remote host" can be connected. This allows the student pilot can fly his model itself and for possible errors or problems, the flight instructor to intervene and correct it immediately. In this way, the student pilots to practice with his model, and is certain to land the plane safely back to RC to.

If you have no chance to practice with an instructor, because no club is near, one has to rely on a simulator. This simulator looks like a 4 channel remote control. Via USB cable, this exercise remote control is connected to the PC. After installing the required software, the simulator is ready. Using remote control you can now control an aircraft in a 3 D model landscape.
Simulating with this remote control you can use different types of take-off, an empty tank or battery and different wind settings. Also, the thermals can be adjusted separately. With this simulator you can fly the RC with different aircraft and different problems that can arise, practice before you can start a real RC plane.

For beginners who have no flight experience, the motto is: a matching model beginners and practice a lot - and happy you are with flying.


RC Airplanes guide

Every enthusiast Modeling Very well aware of how costly may be to build a single, fully functional model of the aircraft, which will not only be nicely presented and full-size odwzorowywał its original, but will also be able to lift into the air, and perform all the maneuvers that can be every day to admire the aerial acrobatic demonstrations.
To build a fully functioning remote-controlled model aircraft, otherwise known as RC model, It is necessary first of all knowledge and experience, but also a large set of RC Accessories Without which the models do not I will take to the air. First of all, they will be all kinds of Rc Equipments Without which it will be impossible to spin the model in motion. There is also the Rc Fuel As the engine that drives a propeller plane, after small internal combustion engine.
All these accessories are relatively expensive, so we prepare in advance and in quite a lot of expenses. Regardless of the amount of costs incurred, any modeling enthusiast, admit without hesitation that Rc Airplanes decisively beaten on the head of the other models, which can, at most, nicely presented in a collection. Therefore, sooner or later every modeler, reaches for the remote-controlled model aircraft to be able to admire your floating in space work.