RC Model Airplane Kits- A fun way to start the hobby

Flying a remote controlled airplane has become a popular hobby among people of all ages and different backgrounds because of its easy to use and ready to fly qualities. Fly high a sky is one of the biggest dreams of every single individual on the earth and with the advances in science and technology it is very easy to fly high. People are getting involved in this hobby with great enthusiasm and passionate people who can not afford to buy or fly higher airplanes are using RC model airplanes to fulfill their dreams.

Imagine you are standing on earth and watching a plane fly high on sky and in the very next minute you are still standing on earth and flying an airplane. It is all as easy as 123 because of the RC model airplanes. If you are planning to fly a plane just go to market and buy a remote controlled airplane with kit. You don’t have to be expert to assemble an airplane or you don’t need to have expert level knowledge to operate RC model airplanes.

Different Types of Kits:

Different kinds of RC model airplane kits are easily available in market. These kits vary in cost from low prices to high prices. These kits also vary in assembly amounts and skills and experience. These kits are made up of different materials such as foam, plastic, balsa etc. These kits contains different parts that are required to be assembled to construct an airplane, these parts include: frames, stringers for the assembly of fuselage and masts and ribs for the assembly of wings and tail surfaces. Different kits for different designs are available such as they are available from lighter remote controlled airplane to heavier RC model airplanes. Different materials used as experiments to build more accurate, fast and efficient remote controlled airplanes. These experiments produced better and advanced models with new qualities such as durability, ease of assembly, cheaper priced materials.


The interest of remote control air planes is on the hype among today’s generation. Children, teenagers or adults, all are fascinated towards being remote control air plane pilots. They drive to the flying fields over the weekends and spend best of their time performing the most enjoyable hobby. Nonetheless, the taste of flying is in the built, features and technical specifications and support of the air plane. Small and simple model air planes are available for beginners, while the experts can have better and bigger air planes. Experienced flyers can even build their own air plane as they have the knowledge and awareness of the spare parts and technical specifications of remote control air planes.
There are many types of air planes among which electric remote control air planes are the best. Others include gas remote control air planes, beginners remote control air planes, RTF (ready to fly) remote control air planes, ARTF(almost ready to fly) remote control air planes, PNP(plug n play)remote control air planes and BNF(bind-n-fly) remote control air planes.
It has been surveyed that most of the world population is attracted towards the flying pastime because of electric remote control air planes. These planes are mostly RTF (ready to fly) remote control air planes and are suitable for beginners.

However, the best feature of electric remote control air plane is that it runs on a battery pack. This saves the fuel cost and gives it a longer time to fly. It has four controls that are also known as its four main functions. They are Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator and Rudder. All these functions are controlled by the servo motor. The servo motor is fixed inside the air plane in the receiver of the radio transmitter of the air plane.
The speed of the motor is controlled by the Throttle. It changes the fuel into energy in the combustion chamber. But electric remote control air planes just have an on and off button to control the Throttle. Also, some air planes also have an option to change the speed according to the pilots’ comfortableness as to slow, medium or high speed.
The Ailerons are used to move the wings left or right. So, they are built-in in both the wings and they work in the opposite motions. When one wing moves up, the other goes down. This helps the plane to keep itself balanced in the air and allows it to fly smoothly.
As per the general definition, the Elevator helps the take off and landing of the air plane. It moves the air plane up and down according to the needed function. The Elevator also helps during flying. The pilots’ can move their plane up and down to avoid a plane crash with the other planes at the flying field.
Lastly, the Rudder controls the direction of the air plane. Do not confuse it with the Ailerons. Ailerons just control the wings, while Rudder controls the complete left and right movement of the air plane. It helps to turn the plane. Experts can also make the air plane orbit in the air with the help of the Rudder.
The best trainer electric remote control air planes include Alpha 450 and NexStar EP. Although, these air planes were introduced in the 1990’s and are not RTF remote control air planes, but are best for the learners. Hence, Firebird Freedom, Super Decathlon, Ambassador and Apprentice 15e are better options.
As a variety of electric remote control air planes are available now days, you should choose the best suitable one. Following facts can help you buy the best air plane that outfits your personality.

Firstly, the air plane must be RTF. It is easy to handle and is best for inexperienced flyers. RTF air planes are also durable and can be repaired easily so that one can repair it them self to cut off the repairing costs.
Also, the size of the air plane and the wings must be big so that the air plane is visible when it is far and stay balanced while flying. If the air plane is small, it can result in a plane crash.
Hence, all the above mentioned planes can be very expense to buy and may not fulfill all the terms to match your personality. To avoid any disappointment, you can buy an electric remote control air plane kit and build your plane yourself. It is not necessary to use all the material in the kit. You can even use your own material and decorate your air plane according to your will.
On the contrary, flying is an addictive hobby and it should be as simple as possible. Once you are able to control the air plane and enough experienced to manage it without a trainer, you can make it complex and challenging.