Cheap RC AIrplanes-anybody can Afford

Flying RC airplanes is a fascinating hobby and has been an amazing experience to many people. In the recent years it has become incredibly a popular pastime. More and more people are discovering the hobby at the global level and manufacturers are striving to produce cheap RC airplanes while having all the essential and integrated features in them.

In the past years many people just restricted to only dreaming to develop this hobby because the prices of remote control airplanes were beyond their pockets. However, in the recent years rapid improvements and advancement in technology has provided options for ongoing the aspiration – Cheap RC airplanes. Now, how can we define cheap? Well, any RC airplane model which you may buy within $100 can be classified as a cheap one. However, nowadays you can even get a RC airplane for $50 or even below. Astonishing!

Numerous types of radio controlled airplanes are available in the market to choose from. Some RC airplanes are ready to fly while some come in a kit and you have to assemble to fly it. In the start, buying a cheaper airplane is better since it is likely that you will make a few crash landings in your initial maneuvers which might destroy your hard earned investment as well as the craze of flying. As soon as you become perfect in flying RC airplanes, you can buy expensive ones.

Price of the remote control airplane depends upon the availability of features. If the RC airplane is cheaper, it may have lesser features but basic features in cheap radio controlled airplanes are always there. One special feature could be the number of directions of the airplane. Cheap RC airplane usually comes up with a few basic directions. Sometimes battery pack is not included in the price of RC airplane so you must make sure to identify what to pay.

Finding cheap RC airplanes online is the best. However, you can check your local market or even magazines to compare prices. The prices can be from $30 to about $100 depending upon your chosen model. Here are some popular cheap RC airplanes that you can go with.

• Firebird Phantom
This is a fabulous plane with anti-crash technology for added safety and security. It comes up with a soft nose having a wingspan of 29.75 inches, overall length of 23.5 inches and flying weight of 240 grams. It can be assembled in a few minutes and is a great remote control airplane to start flying with.

• Slo-V
The Slow-V is a go-anywhere RC airplane that can be flied indoor as well as outdoor. It provides a great slow flying fun. The airplane comes with a wingspan size of 45.87 inches, overall length 38.75 of inches and flying weight of 0.41 kg. All the accessories are provided in the box and all you have to do is to assemble, charge and get it up in the air.

• Zero Fighter
Those fascinated in fighting RC airplanes will love this. It has an outstanding shape and appearance that gives more pleasure in flying. Its specifications include 33.5 inches wingspan, 27.8 inches of overall length and 12.5 – 13.5 oz of flying weight. This is really a superb airplane and looks like a Zero once assembled.

• Jenny JN-4
This RC airplane is built following the JN-4 “Jenny” that was entered in US Army Air Cops during World War I. This legendary model always provides the top level of fun and excitement to its flyer. Its wingspan is 32 inches, overall length is 26 inches and flying weight is 6.9 – 8. It usually takes up to three hours to assemble it.

• P-51 Mustang
This is one of the most thrilling radio controlled airplanes. It is completely aerobatic and gives a great experience of war bird thrills with the friends. A very powerful airplane that has an outstanding ability to stable the airplane while in a slow speed. The size of wingspan is 34 inches, overall length is 29 inches and flying weight is 12-14 oz.

• Firebird Commander
The Firebird Commander has the same elegant design as the Phantom. It is also built-in with anti-crash technology. However its size is about 1/3 larger than Phantom but still comes within the ambit of cheap RC airplanes. It comes along with all the accessories to get the airplane up in the air. Assembling of Commander does not take long.

There are thousands of cheap RC airplanes available in the market. All you have to do is to search for it and find the best one by considering your passion and level of expertise in flight operation. It would be unfair to say that the more expensive radio controlled airplane is the better plane than the cheaper one. The major reason for cheap models is the technological advancement in the area of remote control airplanes. Your chosen model should not be based just on price but on flight performance, durability, manufacturer’s repute and other features.

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